Picture yourself as a 20 year old college student, post breakup, sitting in a blogging course. Ok… picture me. Because that’s where it all started. We were tasked with creating a blog to present each week. Mine was for 20-something women who could relate to the ups & downs of early adulthood. It was funny, it was young, & it was full of sass – a lot of sass.

Overtime, I grew out of it. And I watched as it collected dust & faded away. But something kept telling me to start again, & every month I had planned to. So finally, with a lot of push from myself & friends we’re back!


All the fixins, girl! We’re talking Waffle House’s All-Star Special! And if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a buffet of your fave breakfast treats at the cost of nothing. Seriously, Google it. With DANIYORK.com, I’ll share some personal topics, random thoughts, travel ventures & all the mess that comes with it.

I’m nowhere near perfect & neither is this blog. We’re going to get real & we’re going to have fun.


It’s a feeling, ya know?

When you’re up on that stage belting out your favorite karaoke song or being the first one on the dance floor at a wedding. It’s that feeling of being vulnerable, uncomfortable & yet, 100% you.
The feeling of knowing that not everyone is going to like you or what you have to say, but still doing what you’re doing because it’s true to you & maybe it’ll encourage someone else to get up there & rap every lyric to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit song.

That’s the feeling I get when I write.

Knowing not everyone will like it, not everyone will think it’s good enough, but doing it anyways. And that’s what this is. It’s real, it’s as honest as it can be, it’s relatable & it’s fun. Because maybe someone can relate. Maybe someone will be inspired. Maybe someone will laugh with you, cry with you & even get the nerve to stand up & shout “AMEN!”
And maybe you’re that person. Yes, you. Maybe you’re sitting in some sweats, drinking wine out of a plastic cup (not all of us, including myself, have it together & that’s OK!) but maybe you’re thinking ‘I feel ya!’ And thank goodness if that’s you, because we must have a lot in common.

And if that’s the case, stay tuned. Because we’re just getting started.

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Hi! I'm Dani.

A midwestern gal raised in Oklahoma & the face behind DANIYORK.com - created to share my life, loves & all the crazy in between.