hey. wassup? hello!

I’m so glad you made your way here!
And now that you are, I feel like a proper introduction is in order.
Ya know, since we’re going to be best friends & all.
Scroll on down to learn more & feel free to ask me anything.

A B O U T  D A N I :

Born & raised in Oklahoma, I may or may not say, “Y’all” a little too much, have a thing for ranch dressing despite being lactose intolerant, & own a pair of cowboy boots.
I’m the oldest of three wild kids & my sister says I dress like a mom. But I’m just a simple gal who likes what she likes, & if that’s a pair of high waisted, thrift store jeans – awesome. Besides thrifting, you can usually find me at McAlister’s Deli, trying to be funny on Snapchat, & driving around town, belting out your favorite song at the top of my lungs & not hitting any of the correct notes.
Oh, & is it too ~basic~ to say that I love to travel? Because its true! I’m always on the go & I’m hardly ever home. In fact, over the last few years I’ve spent many months hustlin’ in Croatia for The Yacht Week & frolicking around Europe.

Anyway, I’m just a small-city girl, living in a not so lonely world, who tends to put a little too much on her plate (figuratively & literally). I’m just trying to do big things, live life, maybe even figure it out & be as happy as one can be because #yolo. Ya feel?

S A Y  H I !

Go ahead & say hi, tell me about your day, suggest a topic, or ask me anything. I just wanna hear from ya!

Don’t be scared.
I promise I don’t bite.

2 responses to “MEET DANI”

  1. Michelle says:

    Yas queen, loving this blog so far I CANNOT WAIT for the next bit of content xo

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Hi! I'm Dani.

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