I know, I know. So rude of me to leave you hanging high & dry, but your girl has been busy. Like the kind of busy where you forget to brush your hair & you go all day wearing a shirt inside out.

Let’s start with about the time I brought back daniyork.com.


I had gotten news that I would be returning to Croatia to manage events for The Yacht Week.
Being the multitasking, putting too much on my plate guru that I am, I thought I could keep up with the site & balance it all!
Absolutely not.
When Twix is your go to breakfast (my health choices were very questionable) & working ’round the clock, there was hardly time to keep up with this little site of mine. But now I have time to finally get the ball rolling.
So what have I been up to?


1. I was in London for 2 weeks in May werkin’ & twerkin’ (just kidding. I can’t twerk) Then went straight to Croatia, where I ran events, sailed around a bit, was mama bear to some of the coolest interns, worked Ultra Europe Music Festival, & was #QueenOfHvar – just to list a small portion of my summer.
2. I went to Slovenia for a week. Napped quite a bit & was freakishly talking in my sleep – says a source.
3. Went back to Croatia & lost my toenail. A day after a pedicure. OK UNIVERSE. OK.
4. Turned 26. On a good day I feel 22. Best birthday week of all time.
5. Tried getting matching tattoos with my friend Blake, but couldn’t commit. So I sat in the tattoo parlor for 2 hours & decided on the number 5 – representing mi familia.
6. Went to Ireland with my sister & rode bikes around the islands while visiting the same pub 3x in one day. Can you say regulars? I’m also a certified Jameson Whiskey taste tester & now drink Guinness to impress people.
7. Raced sailboats in Portugal – well tried. Came in last, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. BTW, Grand Prize for last place is a spoon.
8. Attempted to surprise a friend in Australia, but ended up blowing the surprise due to logistics.
9. Went to Australia.
10. Almost was deported from Australia because I didn’t think of getting a visa… the lovely lady at passport control didn’t think it was funny when I tried joking about marrying an Aussie to get a passport. Let’s blame that one on the 30+ hours of no sleep.
11. Went to Bali & did NOT get Bali Belly #blessed. Ate a lot of local cuisine. Took advantage of their version of UberEats, GoJeck, & ordered the tastiest thing on the menu – McDonald’s. McDouble no pickle, please.
12. Now I’m back in Oklahoma. – my BFF is pregnant! An actual human being is inside of her, which is so crazy & cool. And I’ve spent the last few days binge watching Grey’s Anatomy & eating popcorn.

But that’s it in a nutshell! I plan on writing more about my summer & what it’s like working with The Yacht Week // exactly what it is I do, etc. etc.















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