You know how they say college brings you lifelong friends? Not the ones you paid for or the ones that you may keep in touch with once every blue moon. It’s the ones that happened by chance – the ones that in the weirdest of circumstances, chose you.
I’m talkin’ about the ones you take naps in the hall with, quit sorority with, ‘rent out’ Groovy’s with, & get kicked out of hotels with. The girls who don’t judge you when you ‘rest’ your eyes at Viewhouse, give you speeches about how awesome you are, & encourage you to live your best life. They’ve seen you laugh, cry, complain, not-so-graciously attempt to flirt, & they love you regardless.

& here they are. These are my gals.
Kayla. Sydney. Caitie.

As a freshman, I went in knowing two people from high-school. One was my roommate & the other was a football player who lived in Dirty Murdy (the all male dorms). So I rushed a sorority that looked oddly like a nursing home which sat on the corner of Jackson. I paid $400+ a month for some Greek letters & a couple of t-shirts. And one good thing came out of that house; I was able to meet these girls. One in the hallway before chapter, one at a Delta Cafe, & another at a house party – #college. And though the majority of us left that house on Jackson, our friendship continued to grow. Some people came & went, some grew apart, but we all stuck around. As the friendship grew, so did we – together & as individuals. It wasn’t planned, nor was it expected, but we just kinda fit. And a little friend group was formed. Now living all across the U.S., it just goes to show that our friendship has defied distance & timezones.
We call each other gal pals.
& as sappy as it may sound, each of them, in their own way, have helped me grow into the woman I am today.



Definitely the Sporty Spice of the group. I mean, the girl can run like 3493274 miles without killing over. Serious motivation for when you’re running on that hamster wheel at the gym.
She’s also the brains behind any holiday or themed event. Let me tell ya, Kayla knows how to throw one heck of a party – whether it’s at the lake, on a bike bar, or in her parents shop. And she has the BEST laugh. You know, the kind that makes you laugh until you cry. But on top of that, Kayla has the sweetest soul & loves everyone. Even when someone doesn’t deserve it, she gives them the benefit of the doubt & loves them with that big heart of hers. And you just wanna kick her in the butt & tell her not to be so nice! But, gotta love her! She’s also one of the most loyal friends a gal could have. Seriously, she’d do anything for ya. You know Kayla always has your back.


Ask Caitie about the first time she saw me & she’ll say I was crying at tumbling practice & thought I was the biggest baby. Fast forward a couple of years later, we’re getting in trouble in our sorority. A beautiful friendship had formed.
She’s the windows down & Disney songs at full blast, random dance parties in the living room, & long chats about Jesus kinda gal. We lived together for 2.5 years, part-time on her living room floor, so she’s pretty much seen it all. She really cares about her friends. She’s honest. The kind of honest where she tells ya how it is & you gotta respect her for it. She’s unapologetically herself (#Leo) & isn’t afraid to stand up for her friends, for what she believes in & what is right. Whether she’s in Oklahoma or hundreds of miles away in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, she always makes an effort & proves that distance doesn’t matter.  She’s my soul sista.


aka Syd-Dawg // Syd.
Our friendship started off with a very awkward encounter at The Delta Cafe, followed by several parties hosted by Syd Dawg herself.
The most organized & creative of us all – a real go-getter & dream chaser. She’s just living’ & loving’ her life! If I had to put a picture of someone next to the term ‘girl boss’ in the dictionary, it’d be her. Syd’s got that work hard, play hard mindset. She’s the live your life, do what you want, & ‘why the heck not?!’ kind of encourager. Whenever I feel overwhelmed about a situation or compare my life to others’ in a way that makes me feel less than, she’s always the one to set me straight. She reminds me that everyone’s life is different & that doesn’t make one better than the other. A real-life cheerleader of a friend, she wants the best for her gal pals & refuses to let them settle for anything less than what they deserve.

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