a few questions i’ve been asked lately

1) What’s it like living at home & why don’t you get your own place?
OMG y’all sometimes I feel 17 again! Living back home is nice & so are free meals & not having to pay rent. But it can feel like I’m back in high school because of the people I see & all the memories I have here. My parents are really cool so it’s not difficult living with them. I don’t have my own place as of yet because 1. I sold my car & 2. I have no idea where I’m going to be in the next couple of months – year. So it’s easier than breaking a lease. It just makes sense right now.

2) What is it that you do each summer & how can I do it too?!
I LOVE answering this question! The past couple of summers I have been working in events for The Yacht Week – a 7 day sailing holiday in multiple destinations across the globe. I started out as a guest in Croatia (2015), a media & merchandising intern in Croatia & Greece (2016), & then an event manager in Hvar, Croatia (2017 – present). There are a few jobs you can apply for: skipper, hostess, or an events intern. For more information about the roles click here. At the very least, check out the site if you just wanna go for holiday.

3) How do you afford to travel?
I always LOL at this question because the answer is so simple. I work. A lot. I’m talking 4 jobs, people! I bartend, work in retail, substitute teach & work at in events. I enjoy keeping busy & being on the go. I think my best advice would be to spend wisely. I don’t purchase extravagant items & I know how to prioritize my time. But saving is definitely key whether you have 1 job or 4!

4) Coming from the Bible Belt, are you religious?
I grew up attending a Baptist church in Broken Arrow, OK but as I grew older, I veered off from claiming a denomination. I don’t necessarily believe in one denomination. I believe in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. I’d say I’m a pretty spiritual person. I also believe that what you put in the universe is what you’ll get in return. Does that make sense?

5) Who takes all your photos?
Well that depends. I’m lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented photographers who will sneak a photo or two of me. I’m actually quite awkward in front of a camera. I’ll normally just stick my tongue out or smile uncomfortably. Other than that, when I’m home, I take them! Yep. I have a tripod & as silly as that sounds, I take my own photos. Sometimes my sister is kind enough to take them for me!

6) What’s next for you?
Good question! Right now I’m just trying to figure that out. Somedays I want to leave The States & travel forever. Others I want to get the heck out of Oklahoma & move to some big city & settle down. But then there are those days where I just want to live out of a van & be alone. My problem is that I want to do it all! So, wherever I go or end up doing is still up in the air!
I’m trying this new thing called ‘going with the flow’ & so far, it’s been working!

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